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Picky Eating Correction for Box 8.1

Expert Suggestions for Fussy Eaters

  • Don’t call your child a fussy eater and instead expect that children take time and need to be taught to try new foods

  • Make mealtimes engaging and important with the expectation that everyone sits down at the table and interacts with each other without distractions like phones or televisions

  • Reduce snacking to a minimum

  • Cook the same meal for everyone (although some advocate making some adjustments to a child’s palate)

  • Don’t use some foods as rewards, punishments, or requirements to obtain other foods like dessert (some suggest putting a small dessert right with the meal if you are serving a dessert)

  • Present new foods to children over and over again

  • Let’s children decide for themselves what and how much to eat without parental nagging or pressure (although some advocate for encouraging kids to at least try new foods)

  • Show your enthusiasm for healthy food

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